Baking fun... coconut cupcakes

Today has been a fun day experimenting in the Scoff kitchen. I've been working on a new cupcake recipe as my brother in law and niece were visiting, and I know how much they love cake! I was playing around with a chocolate cupcake with a coffee frosting and toasted coconut to decorate.

As usual, I have to de-glutenise the recipe (as we never use wheat flour in the Scoff kitchen). I have my own version of gluten free cupcake mix, it is unique, not quite the same as any of the numerous recipes out there in the vegan cookbooks or blogosphere. I have tried many other versions, some I find a bit heavy or too dry, and some, though lovely, I think are just a bit too time consuming or costly. Cupcakes with coconut butter, agave and quinoa flour

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Birthday cakes

We are excited about our range of large cakes that we sell to the good people of South London. We've found that we get a lot of interest

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