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Scoff is always experimenting with new products and flavours. There are a whole range of goodies out there that we want to veganize and bring to you! Initially these products are likely to be found at our market stalls, and then, if we think they will survive the delivery process, we will sell them through our online store. Products that we hope to add to our range soon include marshmallows and macarons.

We’ll also be increasing the number of fudge and truffle flavours we sell. What would you say about cardamom infused fudge? Or perhaps a chocolate truffle flavoured with salted caramel? Of course, if you have any requests you can always get in touch. We’d love to hear what sweet stuff you’re craving and see if we can help.

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We’d love to hear from you. Whether you have questions about our current product range, or want to make suggestions for things you’d love us to make, please don’t hesitate to contact us