Birthday cakes

We are excited about our range of large cakes that we sell to the good people of South London. We've found that we get a lot of interest from people organising parties, as at so many gatherings these days there will be at least one guest who has an allergy or intolerance to something.

Recently we had a stall at one of our local markets and a customer took a business card saying she wanted to order a cake for her husband's birthday as he has a dairy allergy. A few weeks later I took a call from this lady, and she ordered our lovely moist carrot and walnut cake, with a cream cheese frosting. When organising delivery we discovered that we were practically neighbours, she lived just round the corner from me. Her husband was very happy with the cake, and so too were all of her other guests who apparently coudn't believe the cake was really free of wheat, butter and eggs! We hope to continue this trend, and expand our range of cakes that are so tasty, noone will ever question what they are made of.

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